Welcome to BabyRan English server 2, top team to bring you the most stability and the most comprehensive and innovative RAN ONLINE!

We are the first EPX version server, and we keepto introduction of South Korean original game content, then what is the real EPX version?

First of all, when you create the new character, you can direct choose Extreme class, and also distinguish between male and female gender, this is the real EPX!

When you login the game, you have automatically learned most of the skills and the novice has a cool suit set,

when you have completed the level 2 task, Extreme class have additional 500 stats points and 800 skill points, general class have additional 300 stats points and 800 skill points, and every level up you can get 5 stats points.

In the game map of "Market Place", you can use the search function in all store and goods, so that you can easy to find you need to buy in the square, this is the real EPX!

In the NPC there to sell dozens of pets skin cards, pick up on your pet card and right-click, so your pet can change the skin like a BOSS, This is the real EPX!

We have also added many new monsters, new items, new skills and all be from the new maps or guild wars!

Increase sitdown system, the character input the "sit" words and you can use sit down model, oh cool!

The game EXP rate is 2000 mult, items drop rate is 5000 mult, gold drop rate is 2000 mult!

Guild wars is hot in every week 2/4/6 night, absolutely not to be missed! All the best in the BABYRAN!

uhm so bale ang babyran ay nahahati sa 4 na server so pili nalang kayo ng gusto ninyo enjoy playing!


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